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With a .nl domain name, you have a unique and reliable Dutch on-line address. To apply for a .nl domain name, you have to go through a registrar – a service provider that acts as an intermediary between you and SIDN. This area of our website explains how to register a domain name, how to update an existing registration and what to do in the event of a complaint or dispute. There is also a list of registrars and information about becoming a registrar.

Looking up a domain name

What is a domain name and what rules apply? To check whether a domain name's available, use the Whois. If a domain name's already in use, the Whois will give details.
  • What is a domain name?

  • Looking up a domain name

Registering a domain name

You register a domain name through a registrar. Read how you do that and what you should consider, e.g. securing your domain name. There's also info about how we protect your privacy.
  • Registering a domain name

  • Finding a registrar

  • Protecting your domain name

  • SIDN and privacy

Updating your registration

If your registration needs updating, you do that through your registrar. Use the links for details of the different types of update.
  • Updating contact details

  • Changing your domain name's registrant

  • Transferring your domain name

  • Cancelling your domain name

  • Undoing the cancellation of a domain name

  • Pledging your domain name

Disputes and complaints

Do you believe that a domain name's use is wrong, unethical or unlawful? Do you have a problem with the content linked to a domain name? Use the links to see what you can do. There are also links to legal information about domain names and advice on what to do if you have a complaint.
  • Domain name cancellation at the registrar's request

  • Infringement of rights

  • Complaining about a domain name

  • Complaining about the content of a website

  • Attachment and seizure of a domain name

  • Frozen domain name

  • Domain name jurisprudence

  • Complaining about a registrar

  • Complaining about us

  • Appealing against an SIDN decision

Becoming a registrar

Would you like to be able to register domain names yourself? To do that, you need to become a .nl registrar. You have also the option of becoming an affiliate. Look up the benefits.
  • Becoming a registrar

  • Becoming an affiliate

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