Complaining about the content of a website

Have you come across something on a website, which you're sure is criminal or unlawful? To get the content removed, you need to follow the Notice and Take Down Procedure.

What is the notice-and-take-down procedure?


It's the procedure set out in the The Notice and Take Down Code: a voluntary code of conduct describing how people in the internet industry should respond when they are told about apparently criminal or unlawful website content. The Code is intended for dealing with things such as child pornography, plagiarism, discrimination and the sale of illegal or stolen goods. Where a website is linked to a .nl domain name, SIDN is one of the parties responsible for implementing the code.

Who should you complain to?

Start with whoever put the content on the internet, e.g. the person that uploaded the video or posted the comments. If they won't take the material down, you can ask the next party up the chain. The chain is as follows:

  1. The content provider (uploader, writer)

  2. The website administrator

  3. The registrant of the domain name

  4. The registrar (hosting service provider)

  5. Us, SIDN

How do you get contact details for making a complaint?

Type the domain name into the bar where it says Check your .nl domain name here. On the result page, tick the box by "I wish to view…" to say that you agree to the conditions. You'll then get the Whois details, including contact info for the registrant. If the registrant is a company or institution, more details are given than if it's a person. Read more about the Whois under SIDN and Privacy.

What can we do for you if no one else will take the content down?

You can ask us to make the domain name unreachable. This is how to ask us:

  1. Download the Notice-and-Take-Down request.
  2. Complete and sign the form.

    Attach copies of your contact with the people and organisations before us in the chain.

  3. Send the form and attachments to or to our mailing address:


    Support Department

    PO Box 5022

    6802 EA  ARNHEM

    The Netherlands

  4. We will decide whether to take action.

    Please note that we can't take the content off the internet. We can break the link between the domain name and the website's IP address, making it hard for people to reach the content.

Infographic complaining about website conten

Follow the steps in the infographic.

Practical information and resources for hosters and registrars

Use the links below to get practical information about the notice-and-take-down procedure.



Frequently Asked Questions

Computers and search engines 'cache' content, i.e. temporarily remember things. As a result, content linked to a domain name can remain visible for a few days or weeks, even if the domain name no longer exists on the internet.


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