• Wednesday 22 January 2020

    SIDN Labs

    SIDN Labs' experimental DoH server


    New system helps us keep abreast of how the DoH standard is developing. Give it a try!

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  • Monday 6 January 2020

    Internet security

    "Incentive payments and commercial benefits justify implementing IPv6"


    First IPv6-only services highlighted

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  • Monday 30 December 2019

    SIDN Labs

    2019 in the rearview mirror


    SIDN Labs’ main accomplishments of the past year

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  • Tuesday 17 December 2019

    Internet security

    Internet security standards: targets aren't being met


    Forum for Standardisation puts pressure on government organisations and vendors

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The world of Irene and Bernd-Jan

Irene and Bernd-Jan spent nearly a year looking at houses on funda.nl. Whenever they spotted one they liked, they went to look around. They invested a lot of effort searching for their ideal home, but Bernd-Jan reckons it was worth it. The more you look, the better you get at judging what a room of a given size will feel like when you're in it. You become more critical and, by developing a clear picture of what you don't want, you arrive at a 'checklist' of criteria for your new home and its surroundings. Irene and Bernd-Jan became skilled at scanning the new listings and picking out the cherries. Finally they found this place in Nijmegen's Waalsprong district, fifteen minutes' cycling from the city centre. Both of them loved it from the start. Within a week they were being shown around, and five months later they had the keys in their hands. Together with more than 1,400 registrars, SIDN makes sure that everyone, everywhere can always reach funda.nl and more than 5.5 million other .nl domains. We keep the .nl domain secure and stable.


Find the perfect .nl


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