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'With .nl Control, nothing can be changed without me knowing. I find that very reassuring.'

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.nl Control

Prevent unauthorised changes to your domain name!

With .nl Control, you have extra control over your domain name. No important changes can be made without first being approved by you or your agent.

Key features

  • You decide who's allowed to change your domain name's registration.

  • Whenever a change is requested, we call for confirmation.

  • As a double-check, we also ask for signed approval before making the change.

How does .nl Control work?

A .nl Control domain name is assigned special 'Limited' status. That means that we check out every update request. We give you a call and ask you to sign off the change.

What kinds of update are controlled?

  • Changes to registration details:

    • registrant, administrative contact, technical contact, name server, DNSSEC key material

  • Transfers

  • Cancellations

  • Changes to in-zone name server glue records (optional).

Is .nl Control for you?

.nl Control is definitely worth considering for anyone with a valuable domain name. And anyone who has a lot to lose in the event of a malicious or mistaken registration change, e.g. people who run webshops.

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How do you get .nl Control?

You can get more information and enrol for the service through any of the following registrars:

Learn more about .nl Control

If you'd like to know more about .nl Control, we will be happy to help:

Chiel van Spaandonk

Chiel van Spaandonk

Specialist Registration & Services

+31 26 352 55 00


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