SIDN fund

SIDN Fund is an independent foundation, through which we help to increase the internet's value to society and the economy – in other words, its value to you.

What is SIDN fund?

SIDN Fund gives money for projects that make the internet stronger or use the internet in an innovative way. So, through the Fund, we contribute to prosperity and welfare in the Netherlands. We established the Fund in May 2014 with a start-up capital of about 5 million euros. We intend to continue supporting the Fund in the future.

Who runs SIDN Fund?

The Fund's CEO is Valerie Frissen. Valerie works with an Executive Board, made up of:

  • Eddy Schuyer (Chair); Eddy used to chair SIDN's Supervisory Board

  • Henri de Jong, co-founder of Mijndomein

  • Trude Maas, non-executive director of various companies and community organisations and Chair of the Supervisory Board of Philips Nederland

  • Berend van Dalfzen, CCO at Realtime Register

  • Willem van Waveren, a member of SIDN's Supervisory Board

The Fund also has an Advisory Panel, chaired by HRH Prince Constantijn of Orange. The Panel's other members are representatives of the internet community in the Netherlands. They include developers, (internet) entrepreneurs and academics. The Panel's main role is to assess project proposals.

Would you like to apply for a grant?

Visit for more information about the various options, deadlines and criteria. There are two funding application rounds ('calls') per year.


Valerie Frissen


+31 26 352 55 20

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