Finding a registrar

If you want to register a domain name, you'll need to go through a registrar (a hosting service provider).

How to find a registrar

On the SIDN homepage there's now a prominent look-up for checking whether a .nl domain name is still available. If the name you've thought of hasn't been taken, we'll show you a random selection of eight registrars (hosting service providers) who can register it for you.

Already chosen a registrar that's not one of the eight? No problem. Select from a comprehensive list of registrars offering registration services to the public.  Want a registrar that offers a particular service feature – say DNSSEC or IPv6? Then just click the service icon to filter the list. Select a registrar and we'll direct you to a page on their website where you can apply for your chosen .nl quickly and easily.


What is a registrar?

A registrar is a firm that provides domain name services and has direct access to our registration system. Most registrars are internet service providers, hosting service providers or internet access providers. Some web designers, trademark bureaus and advertising agencies act as registrars as well.

What does a registrar do for you?

A registrar arranges for your .nl domain name to be registered with us. Your registrar is your first point of contact, e.g. if you want to change anything. Registrars often provide other services as well, such as e-mail or hosting.


  • Check what services a registrar offers and what the conditions are.

  • Read our advice on things to watch out for when registering a domain name.

  • Not all registrars provide services to the public. Some large corporations find it useful to be registrars simply to look after their own domain names.

Overview registrars

There are several organisations which are .nl-registrar but do not register for individuals. If you want to look up all registrars please use our registrar list.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with a large and varied sales channel. Each registrar decides what services to offer and on what terms. Registrars have their own ways of working and define their own service levels. SIDN cannot suggest that you use one registrar as opposed to another, because our role is strictly neutral. When you choose a registrar you need to consider a variety of points, such as what other services the registrar offers, the prices, the service levels and the terms of service. Because registrars differ on those points, and because your needs and preferences differ from other registrants’, we cannot provide individual advice.


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