Domain name jurisprudence

Want to know more about how the laws on domain names are applied in practice? Then visit

The site is meant ainly for lawyers, but there's interesting information there for non-lawyers too:

  • Useful summaries of all court rulings in cases about domain names

  • Commentaries by specialist internet lawyers on influential rulings



  • Monday 4 November 2019

    Internet security

    Cheap connected home devices threatening our security and privacy


    Maintaining control over home and access networks. Download the white paper.

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  • Wednesday 24 January 2018

    SIDN Labs

    Redesigning SPIN to a reference platform for secure and privacy-enabled IoT home networks


    For secure and privacy-enabled IoT home networks

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  • Tuesday 25 September 2018

    About SIDN

    Registrars give SIDN Academy 8.5 out of 10


    Workshop on e-mail security standards is well received

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