Cancelling your domain name

Cancelling a domain name means ending its registration. To cancel your domain name, you need to go through your registrar (hosting service provider).

Important: it's possible for your domain name to be cancelled without you asking. That can happen if you are declared insolvent or if we end our relationship with your registrar.

This is how you cancel your domain name:

  1. Ask your registrar to cancel the name.

    Different registrars have different cancellation procedures. Your registrar will arrange the cancellation with us.Would you like your registration to end on a particular date? The date that your contract with the registrar ends, for example? No problem. Your registrar can schedule the cancellation for you. Then your contract won't get renewed without you wanting that. Your registration won't be scheduled for cancellation unless you give permission. Ask your registrar about how to schedule a cancellation.

  2. We'll cancel your domain name.

    We'll mail confirmation to your administrative contact's mailbox and to your registrar. The cancellation takes effect immediately.

  3. We'll quarantine your domain name.

    For forty days after you cancel your domain name, it can't be re-registered by anyone except you. It's 'in quarantine'. So, if your name's cancelled by mistake, or you change your mind, you can get your name back.

    Want to undo a cancellation?

    While your domain name's still in quarantine, you can get the cancellation undone. You can go through the registrar you had before, or a new one.

  4. We'll release your domain for re-registration.

    After the quarantine period, a random period between 0 en 360 seconds (1 hour) will occur before the domain name becomes available for anyone to register.

.nl image domeinnaam opheffen

What if you're declared insolvent?

There are three ways that your domain name can get cancelled when you're insolvent:

  1. Your registrar can cancel your domain name on the receiver's instructions.

  2. Your registrar can cancel your domain name with your 'indirect consent'. They can do that if, for example, the contract you've agreed says cancellation is allowed in the event of insolvency.

  3. The registrar can cancel your domain name because the receiver doesn't tell the registrar soon enough that the name should be kept.

What if we've ended our relationship with your registrar?

Occasionally, we end our relationship with a registrar because of issues we've had. For example:

  • The registrar hasn't done what they're supposed to.

  • The registrar has done something that's not allowed, which caused us trouble or cost us money.

  • The registrar has gone out of business or asked a court for protection from creditors.

We'll only cancel your domain name in the last resort

If we end our relationship with your registrar, we'll mail you twice asking you to find another registrar. We'll also contact you by post. The e-mails will go to your administrative contact and the letter to the postal address we have for you. We'll go ahead and cancel only if you don't respond. Your domain name will then go into quarantine for forty days. During that time, you'll be able to undo the cancellation through a new registrar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use the Whois bar, where it says Check your .nl domain name here. In the results, see whether the status says 'In quarantine'.

When a domain name is cancelled, we aren't told the reason, so we can't tell you. You'll need to ask your registrar. The advantage of quarantine is that, if a name's cancelled by mistake, you can always get it back.

One common reason is that the contract between you and your registrar says you've got to renew the registration every year. If you haven't set up automatic renewal and you don't renew manually, the registration will expire.

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