Complaining about a registrar

Unhappy with the service provided by your registrar? You have a number of options.

  • Contact your registrar and try to work things out.

    • Contact us if you and your registrar can't work things out.

      Call +31 26 352 5555 or mail We can only help if the problem involves the registration or management of a domain name. We can't help with other things, such as contract disputes or technical problems.

  • Refer your complaint to the Consumer Complaints Board.

    You can do this only if your registrar is affiliated to the Consumer Complaints Board. For details, go to the website of the Consumer Complaints Board.

  • Take your case to court.

    Tip: talk things over with your legal assistance insurer, lawyer or legal advisor before taking action. For advice about legal proceedings, try the Legal Advice Service.

  • Switch to another registrar.

    Before switching, consider your contractual position. You may be unhappy with your registrar's services, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're entitled to end your contract without penalty. Read more about transferring your domain name.

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