Complaining about a domain name

Have you come across a domain name that you think is unethical or irresponsible? One that encourages violence or discrimination, for example? You can complain about the name to the Complaints & Appeals Board (C&AB). The C&AB considers complaints about domain names whose registration is inconsistent with public order or decency. If it's the content of a website you object to (the images or writing), you need to follow the Notice and Take Down Procedure.

How does the C&AB decide whether a domain name is acceptable?

When considering your complaint, the C&AB will look at the domain name and the way it's used. Sometimes, a domain name may be acceptable because of the content it's used with.


A highly offensive slogan registered as a domain name by a stand-up comedian could be acceptable if it's used for ironic or satirical humour.

Infographic complaining about a domain name

infographic-complaining about a domain name-thumbnail

Follow the steps in the infographic.

How do you complain about a .nl domain name?

Contact the C&AB. The way to do that is explained on the website of C&AB.

Logo C&AB

How do you complain about the content of a website?

Contact whoever put the content on the internet – the person who uploaded the video or posted the text, for example. If they won't take it down, try the next person or organisation in the chain of control. For details, see Complaining about website content.


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