Appealing against an SIDN decision

Are you unhappy with a decision we've made? You can appeal against some decisions to the independent Complaints & Appeals Board.

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What decisions can you appeal against?

  • If we refuse to accept you as a registrant, because in the past you've failed to fulfil your obligations to us. (Article 1.5 of our General Terms and Conditions for .nl Registrants)

  • If we summarily cancel your domain name's registration or reverse a change. (Article 13.3)

  • If we cancel your registration, because you fail to fulfil your obligations to us. That includes giving us incorrect information and failing to correct it within thirty days. (Article 16.3)

  • If we break the link between your domain name and your website, because of criminal or unlawful content on your site. We may do that if a request is made under the Notice and Take Down Procedure. (Article 21.4)

  • If we turn down a request you've made to withhold your details from the Whois. (Article 23.4)

How does the C&AB work?

For details, see the C&AB Regulations on the C&AB website. The Regulations also describe the appeal procedure and set out the cost.


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