Infringement of rights

Do you think that a domain name infringes your rights – because it's like your brand name or trading name, for example? You have two options for doing something about it.

A. Use the Dispute Resolution System for .nl Domain Names

Using the system is usually cheaper, easier and faster than going to court. Cases are decided by impartial legal experts, who are specialists in this field. Often, though, disputes can be settled by mediation before the legal expert makes a ruling. We ask a mediator to help the two sides agree a solution only if the registrant responds to the initial complaint with a counterargument. Mediation is always voluntary and doesn't involve extra costs. To learn more about how the Dispute Resolution System works and when mediation starts, download the Dispute Resolution Regulations and read the explanatory notes on Dispute Resolution Regulations.

B. Take the matter to court

You can ask a court of law to order the registrant to stop using the disputed domain name and/or to hand its registration over to you.

Infographic about infringement of rights

Follow the steps in the infographic.

infographic-infrigement of rights-thumbnail

Check out previous rulings on a really useful site. It has details of a large number of legal decisions about domain names, plus related articles. The information can help you decide whether you have a strong case.

Frequently Asked Questions

De geschillenregeling is een juridisch opgestelde regeling. Om je wegwijs te maken vind je de belangrijkste vragen toegelicht. Bekijk de uitleg op de geschillenregeling.

Ja, dat kan tijdens én na de geschillenregeling of mediation.

Als je vindt dat een bepaalde domeinnaam inbreuk maakt op een naam waar jij het recht op bezit:

  • merkenrechten

  • handelsnamen

  • namen van overheidsorganen en andere instanties

  • eigen namen


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