Frozen domain name

If we 'freeze' your domain name, it can't be cancelled and its registrant can't be changed.

.nl image domeinnaam bevriezen

Why would we freeze your domain name?

  • Because there's a dispute about the domain name, which is being considered under the .nl Dispute Resolution System.

  • Because the domain name is the subject of an attachment or seizure order.

  • Because the domain name has been pledged.

  • Because we have another good reason. There might be another kind of dispute about the name, for example.

For details, see Articles 13 and 20 of the General Terms and Conditions for .nl Registrants.

When does freezing take effect?

We'll freeze a domain name as soon as we are told about the dispute, attachment, seizure or pledge. It always takes effect immediately. The same applies when it comes to unfreezing a name once the situation that led to it being frozen has changed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your registrar (hosting service provider) for assistance.


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