Pledging your domain name

Many domain names are financially valuable. That makes them assets, and assets can be 'pledged': used as security to obtain finance or credit.

How to pledge a domain name

Only the registrant can pledge a domain name. This is how you do it:

  1. Set up a deed of pledge.

    You can write your own deed or get one draw up by a notary. It has be signed by both you and the person you're pledging the name to (the 'pledgee').

  2. Tell us about the pledgee:

    Send us the pledgee's details by post or by e-mail, together with the deed. We need the following info:

    • Name contact person or department and address

    • E-mail address

    • Phone number(s) and, where relevant, a fax number

  3.  Send the deed to

  4.  We'll make a record of the pledge.

  We'll write back confirming what we've done. 

.nl image verpanden

Updating a pledged domain name

Changing a pledged domain name’s registrant

You can transfer control of a pledged domain name to a new registrant, but only with the pledgee’s consent. If a pledged domain name gets a new registrant, the pledge ends. You arrange everything through your registrar (hosting service provider). We'll need to have the pledgee's agreement in writing before the change can go ahead.

Transferring a pledged domain name to another registrar

A pledged domain name can be transferred in the normal way. Read more about transferring a domain name.

Cancelling a pledged domain name

Before a pledged domain can be cancelled, the pledge has to end. So you'll need send us the pledgee's agreement in writing. The letter has to be signed by both you and the pledgee. Once we've recorded the change, you can cancel your domain name through your registrar.

Cancellation of a pledged domain name by SIDN

Occasionally, we decide to cancel a pledged domain name. We might do that if you don't pay your bills or keep other agreements. Before we go ahead, we'll give the pledgee the chance to take over the name, along with the registrant's obligations. A registrant's obligations are explained in the General Terms and Conditions for Registrants. If the pledgee doesn't take over the name within thirty days, we'll cancel its registration.


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