Why opt for a .nl domain name?

In the modern world, it's almost impossible to do business without a website. A Dutch business choosing a domain name extension has various options, including .nl, .com, .net, .org and, recently, .amsterdam. So why go for .nl?

More click with .nl

.nl is the most popular domain name extension in the Netherlands. Every year, more than 750,000 new .nl domain names are registered. And the .nl domain is especially popular with businesses. Here's what makes .nl the best choice for your business:

80 per cent of Dutch internet users prefer to buy from .nl webshops

Given a choice between webshops with similar domain names but different extensions, which would Dutch internet users choose to buy from? No fewer than 80 per cent would choose the .nl shop. And the higher the value of the item they want, the stronger the preference for .nl. So a .nl domain name means more trade for your business (Source: Trends in Internet Use 2016, SIDN, GfK).

Better findability for increased traffic

.nl is the extension for the Netherlands. So domain names ending with .nl tend to appear higher in Dutch search results than other domain names. The effect is amplified by users choosing .nl domain names from the search results ahead of others. Upshot is that the user relevance of a .nl increases faster than that of any alternative. Which all translates into a higher search engine ranking and more business coming your way.

More trust means more conversion

As well as preferring .nl search results, Dutch internet users trust .nl domain names more. Trust lowers the threshold to making purchases and doing business. And the more important a transaction is to the user, the bigger the trust gap between .nl and the rest.

.nl is the Dutch domain, and local means trusted

Consumers like to shop local and use local tradespeople. Even on the internet. As the Dutch domain, .nl feels more local than any other. The words that consumers associate with .nl most are 'local', 'familiar', 'trustworthy', 'secure' and 'stable'.

.nl is demonstrably more secure

Together with hosting and internet access providers, SIDN runs a scheme called abuse204.nl to keep the internet secure. The scheme tackles fake webshops, phishing and malware. And it works! Over a period of years, study after study (including this one by McAfee) has found that there is a lot less abuse linked to .nl domains than to .com and other domains.

An obvious choice for business use

On average, a Dutch internet user visits more than 250 different websites a month. The extensions of those websites depends on what they're for. The 'serious' addresses that Dutch people visit -- for business, news, information, shopping and so on -- nearly all end with .nl. So Dutch internet users associate .nl strongly with doing business and with enterprise.

When choosing an extension for your website, it pays to consider the facts presented here. Your website's image starts with your domain name.



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