Protecting your domain name

Your domain name is valuable – financially or emotionally. So naturally you want to protect it. We offer two extra protection options: DNSSEC and .nl Control.

Protecting your domain name with DNSSEC

DNSSEC prevents fraudsters diverting your visitors to phishing sites or intercepting your mail. For details, go to our DNSSEC page.

How do I get DNSSEC?

DNSSEC is arranged through your registrar (hosting service provider). Not all registrars support DNSSEC. To see which ones do, look at our Registrar list and tick the box Show only those that support DNSSEC.

.nl image security

Protecting your domain name with .nl Control

Our .nl Control service maximises your control over your domain name. Once you're signed up, no significant change can be made without your permission (or your representative's permission). So the chances of something being changed by mistake or by mischief are much smaller. For details, go to our .nl Control page.

How do I get .nl Control?

You need to apply through your registrar. There are extra fees to pay for .nl Control. Exactly how much it costs varies from registrar to registrar.

More about security

Want to know more about what we and the registrars do to keep your domain name safe and secure? Visit our Internet security page.


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