Satisfaction with SIDN remains high

Registrars give our services 8.3 out of ten

Our core services are sound and we provide good support. That's the key finding of the fifteenth Registrar Satisfaction Survey, carried out for us by market research agency MediaTest in September and October. The 136 registrars who responded gave us an average mark of 8.3 out of ten, the same as in 2018. A score we're very pleased with!

Improvements well received

We continually invest to improve our services, and that effort is bearing fruit. Compared with 2018, registrars were more positive about how quickly we made improvements to our systems and processes. Last year, those improvements included rolling out a new registrars' site and enabling scheduled deletion via the Domain Registration System's EPP interface. However, it was the DRS web interface upgrades that got the best response from registrars. Satisfaction with web-based registration rose to 8.5 out of ten.

Personal contact is key

Registrars were particularly happy about their personal contact with SIDN. Asked about standout positive experiences, registrars mainly mentioned contact with Support and other teams. There was also praise for our events, webinars and news bulletins. The clarity of our support was seen as a strong point, especially compared with other registries.

Points for improvement: logins and Whois

While our core services are seen as sound, registrars highlighted a few things we can improve. One is the procedures for logging in to our applications, which are seen as complex and time-consuming. Respondents also pointed to the limited accessibility of Whois data, although concern has diminished since last year's survey, shortly after the GDPR came in. Changes to the Whois are currently in the pipeline: next year, .nl will be adopting the new global standard, the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP). We're already using RDAP for the .amsterdam and .politie domains.

Save the date: Roadmap Webinar scheduled for 20 January

Further service enhancements are planned for next year. Want to hear the details? We're holding a webinar to present our roadmap for 2020 at 4pm (Dutch time) on 20 January. All registrars will get an invite next week.

Feel free to get in touch if you've got a question

Anything we haven't covered? You can reach us on working days between 8am and 6pm (Dutch time) by calling +31 26 352 5555 or mailing

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