What we do

We manage the registration of .nl domain names. But that's not all we do: we share our knowledge, we support initiatives that contribute to building a better internet and we develop new e-identity and online security services.

We ensure the stability of the .nl domain

If you type a domain name into your browser, we make sure that you are directed to the right website. If you send an e-mail, we make sure that it's delivered to the right mailbox. And it's thanks to us that the .nl domain is stable. We register .nl domain names and make it possible to reach the 5.5-million-plus registered domain names on the internet. Every day, our systems process more than a billion search queries.

We share our expertise…

We are a major player on the global internet, managing one of the biggest and most successful country-code domains in the world. The knowledge that we have acquired down the years is used to provide added value for secure digital living. That includes knowledge about fields such as internet governance, internet security and the functional stability of .nl. We also have a wealth of data about .nl, which provides insight into the use of .nl domain names.

…and give advice

We use our knowledge to provide advice on the technical, legal and policy issues associated with domain names and the domain name infrastructure. We advise:

  • Politicians and administrators

  • People and organisations seeking to improve the internet

What's more, we actively represent the Dutch internet community within international forums, such as ICANN, CENTR, RIPE NCC, IETF and IGF.

We support worthwhile internet initiatives

We support organisations and projects that seek to promote use of the internet or to counter its negative side-effects. We pursue those aims both as a knowledge partner and as a sponsor. Examples include: the Platform for Internet Security, the Advertising Fraud Support Centre, the Reporting Hotline for Internet Child Pornography and Bits of Freedom. Read more about our sponsorship activities.

Other example:

  • SIDN Fund supports projects to make the internet stronger

In 2014, we set up an independent foundation: SIDN Fund. Its mission: to make the internet stronger for everyone. In line with that mission, SIDN Fund supports a variety of projects. Read more about SIDN Fund or visit the SIDN Fund website.

We develop new services

SIDN is a dynamic organisation. We aim to use our knowledge and experience as a leading registry to provide additional services:

  • We provide registry services for other top-level domains, including .aw (Aruba's domain) and .amsterdam.

  • We give advice on topics such as internet security and stability, internet statistics and internet governance and policy.

  • We develop e-identity and online security services that help make the internet more secure.

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