Because we see ourselves as part of the community, we want to help build a better digital society. We therefore sponsor organisations and projects that promote digital skills, counter the internet's negative side-effects or contribute to internet-related innovation. We also make a personal sponsorship budget of €500 available to everyone that works here. Each person can use the money to support a good cause that they care about.

Some of the organisations that we support are described below.

Alert Online

Alert Online is an annual campaign that aims to increase knowledge about online security. Most users recognise the risks that go with the internet. But the ins and outs of avoiding problems are another matter. Alert Online is for everyone that uses the internet, from children to grandparents; from the shop floor to the boardroom. The campaign runs for several weeks in the last quarter of the year. It is a joint initiative by the government, the business community and the scientific community.

Bendoo Box

Bendoo Box is the number-one resource for playfully and creatively showing children how information technology works. Nowadays, kids can all use smartphones and tablets, but very few know much about the hardware inside or how the software works. The Bendoo Box changes all that! The box includes a tiny computer that you can program yourself with the help of the detailed manual and Dutch-language teaching resources. We supported the Bendoo Box's original development and we have continued to work with the box's creators to get children interested in learning to program.

Bits of Freedom

Bits of Freedom works to promote freedom and privacy on the internet. Freedom and privacy are fundamental rights, and essential for development, technological innovation and the rule of law. However, those rights are not assured. Huge volumes of data are stored and analysed. Bits of Freedom fights for an internet that is open for everyone, where private communication remains private. That goal is closely aligned with our own mission.

Code Week

Code Week is an annual campaign that introduces primary and secondary pupils and teachers to programming. During Code Week, a pallet of coding-related activities are organised throughout the Netherlands, with the aim of inspiring children to have a go at coding themselves.


Stichting Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland is dedicated to helping the Netherlands remain a leading digital infrastructure hub. DINL represents the companies and organisations that supply the facilities on which the digital economy is based – data centres, hosting service providers, internet service providers and others.


Electronic Commerce Platform (ECP) is a neutral platform, through which the business community, the government and NGOs work together to promote the use of ICT in Dutch society. We are one of ECP's partners and a long-time sponsor of ECP's annual congress.


The Internet Society has 44,000 members in 170 different countries. Many are internet professionals who have been involved with the internet since it was in its infancy. ISOC helps members to work together to improve the internet and the technologies related to it. It is the parent organisation for various international bodies, including:

  • The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

  • The Interactive Advertising bureau (IAB)

  • The Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)

In the Netherlands, ISOC.nl has about a thousand members from the internet industry, the business community, the government and other sectors.


ISPConnect is a trade association representing more than sixty internet service providers in the Netherlands. Its gives its members a unified voice in the media, government and politics. ISPConnect participates in debates and working groups, carries out projects and maintains contacts with the media. Many ISPConnect members are also .nl registrars. We believe it's important for the internet industry to have an effective trade association, so we are pleased to support the work of ISPConnect.

Reporting Hotline for Internet Child Pornography

The Reporting Hotline for Internet Child Pornography is an organisation that works to tackle the distribution of child pornography on the internet. Supported by the Ministry of Security and Justice and the European Commission, the foundation is the only organisation in the Netherlands active in this area, other than the police. We believe that the best way to tackle internet child pornography is through cooperation. It is very important that the police, the government, children's organisations, internet service providers and others work together on this issue.


Within the Dutch Internet Governance Forum (NLIGF), we work with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Electronic Commerce Platform (ECP). Together, we see that the conclusions of the international Internet Governance Forum are translated into national policy. We also make sure that the Netherlands has a voice in international discussions and that things that matter to the Netherlands are considered by the IGF.

NLnet Labs

NLnet Labs develops Open Source software and open standards for a better internet. The organisation believes that it is only through cultural and technological openness that the network can contribute to welfare and prosperity. NLnet labs was set up in 1999 by the NLnet foundation.

Internet Security Platform

The Internet Security Platform is a collaboration between the Dutch government and various market players. Its aim is to improve internet security. Along with internet child pornography, key issues addressed include phishing and the balance between crime prevention and privacy.

Summer School on Internet Governance

The Summer School on Internet Governance organises seminars on various aspects of internet governance. It caters for students, academics and people working in the public and private sectors. We sponsor the annual European Summer School on Internet Governance and the South American version, the South Summer School on Internet Governance. We regularly deliver lectures at the summer schools as well.


Veiliginternetten.nl is a website where people can get tips, information and practical advice about staying safe on line. There's guidance on using wi-fi, the dos and don'ts of social media and advice on teaching children to stay safe on line. The website is a joint initiative by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Security and Justice, the National Cybersecurity Centre, ECP and the business community.

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