What we stand for

Whenever you type a .nl address, we make sure that you are directed to the correct site. That's what managing the .nl domain is all about. And it means that we operate at the heart of the Dutch internet community. It's a source of great pride for us that .nl is one of the world's most secure domains.

Our mission

Connecting people and organisations in a secure digital world.

Our vision

Vital medium

The internet has become the medium for information exchange, social interaction, cooperation and commerce. It also supports the economic and democratic development of nations and the personal development of individuals.

Quality and security

In the years ahead, the internet will be used ever more intensively by ever more people. It will also become possible to do more things on the internet. Against that background, it's vital that people can be confident in the internet's quality, security and privacy.

Independent experts

We work to make sure that you can have confidence in your digital world. We deliver high-quality services linked to innovative, secure domains and digital identities. By doing that, we add to the social and economic value of the internet for the Netherlands and the wider world. We are experts in our field and we operate on a completely independent basis.

Open and accessible

We want a single, global internet that is open and accessible to all and reflects the world's diversity of cultures, languages and scripts. An internet where freedom of expression, the right of publication and unrestricted access to information are the norm. So that you and all other internet users are entitled to feel secure.


  • Monday 23 July 2018

    Internet security

    Your bank's got a new log-in system? Watch out for scams!


    Cybercrooks take advantage of the wave of new tools and services

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  • Friday 1 February 2019

    Internet security

    Fake webshops taken off line much sooner


    Faster detection and take-down procedure means less fraud

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  • Friday 19 April 2019

    Internet security

    Major data breach at youth services organisation could have been prevented


    Others warned about the risk posed by cancelled domain names

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