Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (SB) oversees the management's policies and the general situation at SIDN. The SB also gives the management advice.

What does the Supervisory Board focus on?

•    Whether we realise our objectives

•    Our strategy and operating risks

•    The structure and performance of our risk management and control systems

Who's on the SB? 

The SB has to have at least six members, but no more than nine. At the moment, it has seven:

Paul Schnabel

Paul Schnabel (Chair) Paul's been a member of the SB since 2013. He succeeded Eddy Schuyer as Chair in April 2014. Paul also sits on the SB's Selection and Appointments Committee and the Remuneration Committee.  More about Paul Schnabel

Simon Hania

Simon Hania Like Paul, Simon joined the SB in 2013. He's also a member of the SB's Security and Stability Committee. More about Simon Hania

Peter van Schelven

Peter van Schelven Peter's been an SB member since 2012 and is on the SB's Audit Committee as well. More about Peter van Schelven

Willem van Waveren

Willem van Waveren Willem's service on the SB goes back to 2012 too. Like Peter, he has a seat on the SB's Audit Committee. More about Willem van Waveren

Kees Neggers

Kees Neggers Kees was appointed to the SB in 2014. He and Simon make up the SB's Security and Stability Committee. More about Kees Neggers

Mark Frequin thumb

Mark Frequin Mark joined the SB in April 2015. He is amongst the members of both the SB's Selection and Appointments Committee and the Remuneration Committee. Read more about Mark Frequin. More about Mark Frequin


Jeannine Peek Jeannine is our newest SB member, joining in June 2015.  More about Jeannine Peek

Advisors to the Supervisory Board

If ever specialist advice is needed, the SB can call on the three people who set up SIDN:

Downloads: terms of reference of the Supervisory Board

The SB follows these rules:

Downloads: minutes of SB meetings


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