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Our mission is connecting people and organisations to promote safe and convenient digital living. We seek to do that by keeping the .nl domain as stable and secure as possible, by using our expertise to promote internet security, and by developing new products and services that support our mission.

The secure log-in solutions and reusable digital identities that Connectis provides are perfectly aligned with our mission. At the start of 2017, we therefore took a majority interest in the company. We now work together in pursuit of our shared ambition of making the internet ever more useful, secure and reliable.

SIDN is not a commercial enterprise. We are professional and businesslike, but with a view to maximising the value we create for the community and economy of the Netherlands. We use the earnings from new products to reinforce the position of the .nl domain, to promote growth in the field of digital identities and online security, and to invest in the Dutch and international internet communities. Those goals are pursued through the operations of SIDN Labs and SIDN Fund, for example.

A total of about 150 people work for SIDN, SIDN Labs, Connectis and SIDN Fund, based in Arnhem, Rotterdam and Bucharest.

SIDN organigram


  • Thursday 11 January 2018

    SIDN Labs

    Best wishes for 2018!


    Looking back at SIDN Connect 2017 and ahead at the year to come

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  • Monday 25 June 2018

    About SIDN

    Blockchain technology set to bring transparency to the music industry


    Support from SIDN Fund enables IBT Music to make a difference

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  • Thursday 21 June 2018

    Internet security

    Watch out for unscrupulous firms trying to sell you domain names at inflated prices


    Our advice: don't be rushed into agreeing a sale

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