Our services get their highest rating ever: 8.5 out of ten

Each October and November, we carry out a customer satisfaction survey. This year, questionnaires were completed by 170 registrars, Domain Name Surveillance Service subscribers and registry service users, who gave our services an average satisfaction mark of 8.5 out of ten. Respondents were particularly pleased with the personal contact. They also gave us some useful ideas for making further improvements.

Improvements in 2018

Since the 2017 survey, we've addressed a number of points flagged up by respondents over the years. For instance, we've teamed up with the Registrars' Association to set up a Legal Help Desk for registrars, and we've made various improvements to our user interfaces. Respondents recognised the progress made and expressed their appreciation. Most registrars and service users were pleased about how quickly the improvements were made.

Personal contact important

Personal contact plays an increasingly important role in defining satisfaction with our services. For many respondents, it's what distinguishes us from other players. Support for registrars is a good example. Satisfaction with the contact with our Support Department increased further: the rating is now more than 8.5. Large registrars even gave us nine out of ten for friendly support.

Disagreement about GDPR-related changes

The changes we made in connection with the General Data Protection Regulation received a less positive response. When the new law came in, we felt obliged to further restrict registrars' access to Whois data. That triggered mixed responses from our clientele. How far should SIDN have gone? Were the restrictions excessive, or did it make sense to stick to the letter of the law?

Scope for further improvement

Although satisfaction is clearly very high, respondents highlighted a few areas where we could do better still. In particular, it was felt that our systems could be made more accessible and user-friendly. We'll be addressing those points in 2019. 

Feel free to get in touch if you've got a question

You can reach us on working days between 8am and 6pm (Dutch time) by calling +31 26 352 5555 or mailing support@sidn.nl.


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