SIDN's services get the thumbs-up

Registrars give us 8 out of 10

Customers are very pleased with the services we provide. That's the bottom line of two recent surveys. Registrars gave us 8 out of 10 for our .nl services (8.1 in 2016), while customers using other services gave us 8.8 (up from 8.5 in 2016). Naturally we're pleased to get such positive feedback, and the survey results show us how we can make our services even better.

About two hundred respondents

In October, the Mediatest market research agency invited our customers to take part in a satisfaction survey. We've been polling registrars' opinions since 2005, and last year we started a similar survey of customers using other services, such as the Domain Name Surveillance Service and our registry services. In total, about two hundred customers responded this year. Mediatest additionally organised two registrars' focus groups to explore relevant points in more detail.

Very knowledgeable personnel

Positive perceptions owe a lot to the quality of the contact between us and our customers. We're seen as an accessible, friendly organisation with very knowledgeable personnel. Almost all aspects of customer contact (e.g. support and account management) got scores higher than 8.5 out of 10.

Hardly any production faults

Another big plus point is the reliability of our services. There were hardly any production faults in 2017 and we rarely needed to take services off line for scheduled maintenance. Whereas years ago, faults and maintenance were significant sources of frustration for registrars.

Increased security hasn't boosted satisfaction

As well as all the positive feedback, the survey provided plenty of suggestions. Further streamlining of certain processes and enhanced reporting are both high on the wish list. And increased security, e.g. two-factor authentication, has proved unpopular with some application users.

Our mail doesn't always reach the right person

Something else we need to look at is the frequency and relevance of our communications. For a couple of years now, customers have been able to nominate different contacts to receive different types of communication. However, many of them still have all mail sent to the same person. As a result, that person often feels swamped, while our messages don't reach the people they should.

Aiming for progress in 2018

We'll be repeating both the surveys in Q3 of 2018. Before then, we intend to work on the points highlighted above, with the aim of at least matching the satisfaction levels recorded this year.


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