Hackman.nl: Dutch audience tops 600,000

Hackman, our new platform for making people aware of internet security issues, has proved to be a big hit. The campaign exceeded all expectations with nearly 1.3 million views. More than 600,000 people in the Netherlands saw Hackman (a.k.a. Rickey Gevers) successfully hack Dutch celebrity Lieke van Lexmond. Such big numbers underscore our ongoing contribution to the security and reliability of the internet.

Interaction aplenty

As well as reaching a large audience, the campaign generated lots of interaction. Hackman featured on Dutch TV's popular magazine programme RTL Boulevard, and more than 25,000 internet users reacted on social media. What's more, nearly 30,000 people did the tests on hackman.nl. The smartphone security test proved particularly popular.

Spotlight on internet security

SIDN developed the Hackman concept to raise awareness of internet security issues. The emphasis of the recent campaign was firmly on interaction, with the audience deciding what should be hacked. Viewers also had the option of volunteering for a 'live hack' to find out whether they needed to review their own security.

Raising awareness

SIDN's aim was to make people in the Netherlands aware of the risks associated with using the internet if you don't have good security. The internet is developing very quickly, with new things becoming possible all the time. It's therefore really important that quality, security and privacy are assured. And that's what we are working to achieve.


Hackman was well received by the trade press as well. The campaign received an Award of Distinction from the Videographer Awards organisation in the US, for example. Lots more Hackman initiatives are set to follow. This autumn, SIDN will be developing new activities in the field of internet security, and Hackman is sure the feature. Watch this space!





Michiel Henneke

Marketing Manager

+31 26 352 55 00


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