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In our new video series SIDN analyses .nl, we take a closer look at popular .nl websites. What makes them successful? What sets them apart from the competition? For our first programme, we explore the world of on-line department store The clips include practical commerce and security tips from fonQ and SIDN, which you can put to use right away. To help you get the most from the videos, a few of the technical terms that crop up are explained below.

SIDN analyses fonQ – video

What makes a webshop successful? In 'SIDN analyses fonQ', we see how fonQ makes the strategic decisions that lead to success. Watch the full documentary now:

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Technical terms explained

A number of technical terms crop up in 'SIDN analyses'. Because they're important for internet entrepreneurs, we've provided explanations below, together with links to detailed information sources.

Domain Name Surveillance Service (DBS)

DBS is an SIDN service that makes it easy to protect your brand against phishing and reputational damage. You get advance warning whenever a domain name is registered that's like your brand name. So you can take action before an attack even starts. Read more about DBS.


Ever heard anyone say that the internet could run out of space? It's true. With the old version of the Internet Protocol (IPv4), only about four billion addresses can be created. And there aren't many left. Fortunately, there's a new version of the protocol: IPv6. With IPv6, an almost infinite number of unique internet addresses are possible. Read more about IPv6


The Domain Name System (DNS) is a system for translating IP addresses into domain names. The translation work is done by name servers. Unfortunately, crooks can interfere with the process. They can put about incorrect translations, which result in people who want to visit your site ending up on fakes. Or get your e-mail diverted to another mailbox. DNSSEC helps to prevent that kind of thing. Read more about DNSSEC


Most people know that HTTPS (with the 's' and the lock) is secure, because it involves encrypted connections. But when you type '' into your browser, it'll try plain old HTTP before anything else. Security-minded firms tend to redirect visitors to their HTTPS sites. That means that you first need to connect an insecure site before a secure connection is set up. With HSTS, however, there's no insecure step. An HSTS header tells your browser that all your web pages use HTTPS, so that you get a secure connection from the start. As a user, it's best to always type 'https://' before a domain name (e.g. ''). Then you'll go straight to the secure site.

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