What's the longest domain name?

A Twitter user recently asked us what the longest .nl domain name was. We thought that other people would like to know the answer too, so we did a little research.


The length of the longest domain name was easily discovered. The DNS protocol limits domain names to sixty-three characters, so we were pretty sure that the longest .nl domain name would be sixty-three characters long.

Sixty-three characters isn't actually very many, so we guessed that we'd find a number of maxed-out names. And, sure enough, it turns out that there are twenty-three full-length .nl domain names.

Domain names with sixty-three characters

  • 141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592.nl

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.nl

  • algemeenhollandstijdschriftvoorhandelnijverheidkunstenenwetensc.nl

  • arts-acupunctuur-alternatievegeneeswijze-homeopathie-amstelveen.nl

  • asusstrixgtx1090xtremegamingoverclockedsuperclockedmegasuperxxl.nl

  • autorijschool-autorijles-spoedcursus-spoedrijopleidingamsterdam.nl

  • delangstewebsitenaamvannederlanddietotnutoebestaateningebruikis.nl

  • demeestcompletepartyverhuurcatalogusvanutrechtopbroekzakformaat.nl

  • design-interieur-meubelmaker-timmerman-antiek-houtwerk-maatwerk.nl

  • ditishetlangsteinternetadresvannederlandvaneuropaenheeldewereld.nl

  • drainage-doorspuiten-grondwerk-kettingmachine-sleufloos-verhuur.nl

  • garen-yarn-fabric-spinner-cotton-wool-pes-garn-knitting-weaving.nl

  • inhetverledenbehaalderesultatenbiedengeengarantievoordetoekomst.nl

  • klusbedrijf-constructiewerk-onderhoud-renovatie-keuken-badkamer.nl

  • labvzoekteenconsultantmvdieeencomplexeuitdagingnietuitdeweggaat.nl

  • muisenolifantlopensamenoverdebrugwatstampenwijsamenhardzegtmuis.nl

  • recreatiewoning-te-huur-aan-het-water-harderwijk-bad-hoophuizen.nl

  • spheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere.nl

  • strandpaviljoen-grootekeeten-callantsoog-sintmaartenszee-petten.nl

  • urenregistratie-projectmanagement-managementinformatie-systemen.nl

  • vaststellingsovereenkomstschikkingopenbrekenvernietigenadvocaat.nl

  • verenigingvoorpatientenennaastenmethetpostintensivecaresyndroom.nl

  • vertrouwenspersoon-ideaddnu-zeeland-pesten-discriminatie-intimi.nl

Theoretically, you could make a heck of a lot of sixty-three-character combinations. The number of possibilities works out at a figure with ninety-nine zeros (half a sexdecillion). So there's plenty of scope for getting creative with your domain name!

Shortest .nl domain name

And, while we're at it, what's the 'shortest' .nl domain name? A label has to have at least two characters. You're allowed to use letters (a to z), numbers (0 to 9) and hyphens (-). However, if you use a hyphen, it must have at least one letter or number each side of it. So you can't have a two-character domain name with a hyphen. That limits the number of permissible two-character combinations to 1,296. Of those, 1,286 are currently in use, while ten are registered but unused. In other words, all possible two-character .nl domain names are taken.

However, if your preference is for something short and sweet, don't despair. Of the 47,952 possible three-character combinations, more than twenty thousand are still available as .nl domain names.



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