Meet SIDN at Holland Strikes Back

The internet has become an all-embracing feature of everyday life. More and more people are using the internet, and using it more intensively. The possibilities are increasing all the time. So it's vital that people can have confidence in the internet's quality, security and privacy. But, unfortunately, cybercrime is becoming more and more sophisticated, with data thefts, privacy breaches, fake news and more besides. So the fourth edition of Holland Strikes Back on 4 October will be focusing on ways of countering the risks. The event aims to provide visitors with the insight, knowledge and tools they need to defend themselves against cybercrime. SIDN will be at Holland Strikes Back to give a fascinating presentation and demo on security and privacy on home networks.

SPIN: Security and Privacy for In-home Networks

Exciting new devices with amazing potential are being enabled by the Internet of Things. The associated security aspects are often seen as a side issue, however. As a result, problems such as large-scale DDoS attacks are increasingly common. Our SPIN project has been started to look at ways of tackling such attacks at source: in the home networks hijacked to launch them. With SPIN, we want to contribute to the security of the whole internet, including DNS operators such as SIDN and our registrars. While also giving users more control over their privacy and security on the Internet of Things.

Presentation en demo

Jelte Jansen from SIDN Labs will be making his presentation between 14:05 and 14:25, during the plenary session. He'll be giving a preview of SPIN's goal: an open-source platform for tackling IoT-powered DDoS attacks from home networks and giving users more control over their security and privacy. After the presentation, from 14:30 to 14:55, Marco Davids will give a more comprehensive demonstration of the SPIN system and how it works.

At both sessions there'll be opportunity to ask questions and give feedback, which we always welcome. Everyone from SIDN will also be happy to chat during the refreshments :-). And, if you can't catch up with us at the event, you can always drop a line to

Holland Strikes Back is part of Alert Online

Holland Strikes Back is part of the annual Alert Online campaign, which this year takes place between 2 and 13 October. The theme of 2017's campaign week is 'Cybersecurity Heroes'. The spotlight will be on people and organisations who are setting an example and encouraging people across the country to share what they know about threats, solutions and best practices.


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