First SIDN TechTalk will be 22 May

We'll be holding the first SIDN TechTalk at our offices in Arnhem on Wednesday 22 May. SIDN operates at the heart of the Dutch internet. Often in partnership with universities and other higher education centres. And often participating in national and international working groups concerned with abuse, security and data. We also maintain close ties with a variety of technical and other bodies in the Netherlands. So wouldn't it be great to share all that knowledge with a wider audience?

Who's TechTalk for?

Technical professionals and students from the Arnhem region who are passionate about their field, open to new developments and keen to share their knowledge.

When is it? 

We hold three TechTalks a year, and the first is Wednesday 22 May.

Where is it?

At our offices in Arnhem.

What does it cost?



17:45 – 18:00


18:00 – 19:00 

We'll lay the foundations for a productive evening with a good meal.

19:00 – 19:30

Talk 1: DevOps: why make things difficult when we can work together? Jan Buurman, HCS Company

The world of technology is highly dynamic, and developments move at great speed. Sitting still and hoping it'll all blow over isn't an option. However, many organisations find change difficult, because they are over-organised. 'DevOps' is a word that's often heard in organisational circles. But it's also a word that's frequently misunderstood. So there's a lot to be gained from considering the meaning and underlying purpose of DevOps. Jan will explain that it's not a purely technical concept and that the mindset of the organisation and its people are key.  About Jan Buurman Jan Buurman is Managing Consultant at HCS Company. He has extensive experience of modern concepts such as agile management, DevOps and container-technology.

19:30 – 20:00

Talk 2: Ansible in development, acceptance and production environments: a real-world example Ton Kersten, AT Computing

Ansible is often used in development, acceptance and production environments, but no case studies of general use are available. In his presentation, Ton will talk about issue resolution in a client set-up within such an environment, and about the more widely applicable lessons that can be learnt.  About Ton Kersten Ton Kersten is Linux Consultant and Trainer at AT Computing. In that role, he helps clients tackle all sorts of Linux-related challenges by guiding them towards the Linux and Ansible way of life.

20:00 – 20:30

Talk 3: Applying machine learning to the proactive detection of fake webshops Thymen Wabeke, SIDN Labs

How do computers learn from data, and how can machine learning help make the internet more secure? In his presentation, Thymen will use the detection of fake webshops as a practical example. Fake webshops are internet storefronts that fraudulently take payments and/or card details for goods that they don't supply, or turn out to be fakes. At SIDN Labs, we're developing machine learning models for the proactive detection of fake webshops. Thymen's presentation will answer questions such as 'How do you tell a fake webshop from a real one?' 'How many fake webshops have been found, and using what algorithms?' and 'How do you pick up new strategies adopted by scammers?'

About Thymen Wabeke With a background in artificial intelligence, Thymen is Machine Learning Researcher at SIDN Labs. 

20:30 – 21:00

Informal discussion and drinks


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  • If you want to attend our TechTalk, you


    register on Meetup. We only have space for sixty participants!

    Use this link

    to register for the SIDN TechTalk on Wednesday 22 May.

Registration and withdrawal

We want to give as many people as possible the chance to attend the SIDN TechTalk. We therefore have a football-style card system for no-shows. If you register, then pull out less than 24 hours before the talk, you get a yellow card. Two yellows make a red, meaning you're provisionally suspended from subsequent SIDN TechTalks.


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