What are talkative, smart devices secretly saying about you?

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Are your devices talking behind your back?

Want to know who your smart devices are secretly talking to? You're not alone! As the Internet of Things takes off, more and more internet-enabled gadgets and appliances are communicating with external systems on the internet. SIDN Labs has therefore set up a project called SPIN (Security and Privacy for In-Home Networks) to look at ways of letting users see and control what's happening on their home networks. In this session, Jelte Jansen of SIDN Labs will give a live demo showing how easy it is to profile a user from the information sent to back to base by smart devices. He'll also discuss the problems created by talkative IoT devices and ways of minimising them.


InnoValor's Bob Hulsebosch and Jeroen Rathe from the European Commission get to grips with the question of whose job it is to ensure that every citizen has a digital identity. Many European solutions envisage a central role for the government in the management and provision of public digital identities. However, some decision-makers would prefer to leave the task to the market. Regardless of who delivers, what citizens want most is convenience. How can governments meet that demand without compromising security?

Private Eye

Regulating privacy is far from easy. In seeking to do that, the GDPR seems to raise more questions than it answers. And perceptions of what constitutes personal data vary considerably. The session led by Arnold Roosendaal from the Privacy Company will explore questions such as when does security become mass surveillance, and when is a profile the same as an identity? Is data collection and storage always a bad thing? Where are the boundaries? And how should the costs and benefits of privacy protection be allocated?

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