Suggestion tool launched at Start-ups Day

Saturday 16 March was the Chamber of Commerce's national Start-ups Day. We had a stand at the Arnhem event, where we chatted to people just starting out in business and launched our new domain name suggestion tool. With more than five million tips, the tool is the ideal way to find a new business domain name. From 1 April, we're following up the launch with a social media campaign to publicise the tool.

.nl is the domain for business

In the modern world, a website is a must for any business. We know from research that, in the Netherlands, the average self-employed professional gets sales and leads worth € 22,000 a year from their website. And .nl is easily the most popular domain with Dutch enterprises and consumers. People in the Netherlands are more willing to buy from a .nl site than from any other. So .nl is the domain for business.

Existing tools unpopular with the business community

For some time, feedback from the market has made it plain that business people don't find the existing search tools very helpful for finding a good domain name. Most tools simply prompt you to enter a domain name, and then tell you whether it's available. Coming up with a name therefore tends to be a tedious and long-winded process of entering one name after another.

New tool offers more choice and more control

Our new suggestion tool lets you enter a keyword and then browse through a list of related ideas. It also offers various options for refining your search:

  • Enable or disable suggestions that include your GPS location

  • Enable or disable suggestions that include numbers

  • Enable or disable suggestions that include hyphens

  • Set a maximum length for suggestions

  • Add or remove search terms

  • Add or remove synonyms

Successful Start-ups Day

We know that our tool works, because we've tested it with real entrepreneurs. At the Arnhem Start-ups Day event, more than seventy of them were able to find a great domain name using our tool. We also fielded questions about disputes and the best way to use a domain name. The event proved to be an enjoyable way to engage with an important target group.

Social media campaign

Although the Start-ups Day was successful, we were only able to talk to a limited number of people. So we're following up with a social media campaign to publicise the tool. Starting on 1 April, the campaign will involve promoting the post shown below. We want to get across the message that plenty of great .nls are available. Fancy trying the suggestion tool yourself? Visit to find your perfect domain name

vind jouw ideale nl-banner


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