'More click with .nl' campaign

Awareness campaign for .nl gets underway on 31 May.

On Thursday 31 May, we are launching an awareness campaign for .nl aimed at the business community, especially start-ups. The aim of the campaign is to reinforce the brand preference for .nl in this important target group. We'll be emphasising the commercial value of a .nl domain name with internet and radio ads based on the slogan 'More click with .nl'.

Why this campaign?

.nl has always been the biggest and most dependable internet domain in the Netherlands. The business community trusts .nl. However, that trust tends to be intuitive. Our upcoming campaign will therefore explain the sound commercial reasons for choosing .nl: added value, consumer confidence and the security of the .nl zone. The aim is to reinforce the brand preference amongst businesspeople at a time when attention is shifting increasingly from websites and domain names to apps and social media.

Central message: 'More click with .nl'

From our market research, we know that .nl's trustworthiness is the main reason why business decision-makers opt for .nl domain names. Dutch internet users see .nl as dependable and are therefore more likely to buy from a .nl website than from another website. For example, research by SIDN and GfK has found that 80 per cent of internet users in the Netherlands prefer a .nl webshop to one with a different extension. And that translates into a commercial advantage for companies with .nl domain names: put simply, they get 'more clicks'.

On-line advertising

From 31 May to 6 July, we'll be placing ads on various platforms, including Sanoma websites. Banner ads will present readers with a choice between .nl and alternative extensions, and will explain why .nl is the best option. That choice will be visualised by 'mouse pointer hands' representing extra clicks on .nl. Traffic from the banners will be directed to a campaign page at www.meerklikmet.nl (NL).

Banner ijswinkeltje

Radio ads

As well as the on-line banners, in June we'll have radio ads on Radio538, Radio Veronica and Sky Radio, as well as Q-MUSIC and a select group of regional stations. The message of the radio ads will be similar to that of the banners. Listeners will be asked a question, prompting them to think about the benefits of a .nl. Listen to a demo ad (NL).

Day of the Domain Name

During the campaign period, the Registrars' Association (RA) will be putting on the third annual Day of the Domain Name. The theme of this year's event will be the future of domain names. During that week, therefore, we'll intensify our campaign. We're also teaming up with the RA to organise a prize promotion: registrants will be invited to post about their domain names on social media for the chance to win a one-day masterclass in doing business on line. For details, visit www.dagvandedomeinnaam.nl (NL).


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