Meet SIDN at the Chamber of Commerce Start-ups Day in Utrecht

On Saturday 22 June between 10am and 4pm

A business venture often starts with a bright idea. An idea you want to realise quickly by registering with the Chamber of Commerce. And that means choosing a name. But remember: your domain name is just as important as the name of the business itself! On Saturday 22 June, we'll be at the Chamber of Commerce Start-ups Day to help you find the .nl domain name that's right for your new business. The event takes place at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht between 10am and 4pm.

The best domain name for your business

What makes a good domain name? How does a domain name shape your company's image? Should you go for .nl or .com? How can you find out whether a domain name that you like is still available? If it is, how do you register it? And what if it's already taken? We can help with all those questions and more!

Stumped for a unique business name?

Hans Prummel, founder of the naming consultancy De Naamafdeling, will be on our stand to help you come up with something creative.

New suggestion tool

We recently launched a new smart domain name suggestion tool. The tool makes it easier than ever to find the right domain name to help you realise your plans. It gives you straightforward access to more than five million possible names. All of them available for immediate registration.

Want to know more?

Drop by our Start-ups Day stand (number 32) or visit our business page for tips on finding a good domain name.

Registering for Start-ups Day

Use this link to register for the Chamber of Commerce Start-ups Day.


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