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Following the success of the first one-day course from SIDN Academy, we're putting on a new course. This one will be devoted to IPv6 implementation for registrars and hosters. It'll be a great opportunity to add to your knowledge of IPv6, entirely free of charge. We're proud to have developed this initiative in partnership with the Registrars' Association.

New one-day course will be on IPv6

IPv6 was developed to supersede IPv4, the current protocol for internet addressing. The rationale for the new protocol was simple: the internet was getting so big that there just weren't enough IPv4 addresses to give every connected device a unique ID. Various successful but flawed technical workarounds have been devised, such as NAT, which allows several devices to share an IPv4 address. However, even if every home has its own NAT device, we'll run out of IPv4 addresses in the end. Adoption of IPv6 is going slowly in the Netherlands: the country lags behind other comparable nations. We therefore want to give adoption a boost, by giving you a helping hand.

Practical workshop

As well as providing a financial incentive for adoption through the Registrar Scorecard, we want to promote IPv6 knowledge-sharing within the registrar/hosting community. Although many people in the sector nowadays understand how to set an AAAA record, the general adoption of IPv6 involves other challenges and requires additional knowledge. So we're organising a practical workshop, which will be led by two experts with extensive experience of IPv6 adoption by hosting companies. The workshop will take a detailed look at the protocol, as well as giving you hands-on practice setting up IPv6. Topics covered will include:

  • Theoretical background (history, address structure, router advertising, etc.)

  • Dual stacks and their implementation

  • DNS and reverse DNS with IPv6

  • Adoption of IPv6

  • Platforms and software in relation to IPv6

  • Best practices

  • Practical implementation (DNS activation, e-mail, control panel and firewall management)

The course will entail one day of fully serviced training from SIDN Academy, including lunch, plus refreshments at the end.

Who is the workshop aimed at?

System administrators, support engineers, technical consultants, network engineers, software developers and anyone else concerned with internet technology.

Date and venue

The Academy venue will be the Landgoederij in Bunnik, with one-day courses on each of the following dates:

  • Wednesday 16 October

  • Tuesday 22 October

  • Wednesday 30 October

It will be much appreciated if, when telling us which days you can attend, you try to be as flexible as you can. That'll help us to organise things efficiently and give as many people as possible the chance to take part.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! In partnership with the RA, the SIDN Academy is being made available entirely free of charge. Two places are available for each .nl registrar. There's no obligation to enrol but, if you do put your name down, we'll be expecting you on the day. If you drop out at short notice, we'll incur unnecessary costs. We therefore hope you'll appreciate that we have to charge €50 in the event of a last-minute no-show. You can cancel your registration free of charge until a week before the workshop. To cancel, simply drop a line to

What should you bring?

You'll need your own laptop and charger.

Register now! >

Keen to get to grips with IPv6? Then register for the Academy course now! You can count on an informative and enjoyable day.


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