Undoing the cancellation of a domain name

As soon as a domain name's registration is cancelled, a forty-day 'quarantine period' starts. For the duration of the quarantine period, the domain name cannot be re-registered by anyone except its last registrant. This page describes how a registrant can undo a cancellation during the quarantine period.

Undoing a cancellation

If your domain name's registration has been cancelled by mistake or without you asking for its cancellation, you can ask for it to be reinstated. The ability to reinstate a quarantined domain name means that minor errors don't have disproportionate consequences. You can ask your existing registrar to arrange the reinstatement or go to a new registrar.

.nl image undoing cancellation domain nameThe last registrant

Only the last registrant named in SIDN's database can get a quarantined .nl domain name reinstated by a registrar. For the duration of the quarantine period, you can see who the last registrant is by looking up the name in the Whois. The status of the domain name will be shown as ‘In quarantine’.

Reinstatement of a quarantined domain name through a registrar

Your chosen registrar acts as an intermediary between you and SIDN. When we receive a request to undo a cancellation, we reinstate the registration in name of the last registrant. On reinstatement, the contact details for the technical and administrative contacts are the same as immediately prior to cancellation. If the domain name was secured with DNSSEC before being cancelled, the security is reactivated, provided that your registrar supports DNSSEC.

Cost of reinstating a quarantined domain name

We charge a fee to the registrar that reinstates a quarantined domain name. However, it is up to the registrar how much to charge the registrant. You therefore need to ask your registrar what it will cost to undo the cancellation of a quarantined domain name.


  • Why is my domain name in quarantine?

    When a domain name is cancelled, it is placed in quarantine for forty days. During that time, the domain name cannot be reregistered by anyone else. However, the person or organisation that was the registrant at the time of cancellation can get the domain name reactivated through a registrar. That may be the same registrar as before, or a new one.

    SIDN can’t tell you why your domain name was cancelled. Updates to domain names – including cancellations – are made for registrants by registrars. Registrars make updates independently, and don’t normally have to explain the reasons to SIDN. Therefore, if you didn’t ask for your domain name to be cancelled and you want to find out why it was, you need to contact your registrar.

  • Is there a charge for reactivating a quarantined domain name?

    SIDN charges the registrar a fee for reactivate a quarantined domain name. However, whether the registrar passes that charge on to the client is up to the registrar. Some registrars do charge; others don’t. To get a clear picture of where you stand, you will need to contact your registrar.

  • My domain name has been cancelled without my consent. What can I do?

    Contact your registrar to see whether the matter can be resolved amicably. Whether your registrar was entitled to cancel your domain name without an explicit instruction from you depends on the terms of your contract and on the registrar’s general terms and conditions.


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