Your domain name's registration is looked after by a registrar, who deals with SIDN for you. You can transfer your domain name to another registrar whenever you like. The timing will depend on any agreements you have made with your registrar – the length of your contract, for example. The procedure for changing your registrar is described below.

Transfer procedure

  1. Choose a new registrar

    First, you need to select a new registrar. When looking around, you may find it useful to refer to our registrar list.

    Tip: Does your domain name have DNSSEC security? If it does, and if you want to keep the extra security, make sure you choose a new registrar that supports DNSSEC and tell your new registrar that you want the protection to remain effective during the transfer.

  2. .nl image tranfering your domain nameAsk your existing registrar for your transfer token

    To get your domain name transferred, you need the token (unique ID number) for your domain name. Your existing registrar has the token and is obliged to give it to you within five days, if you ask for it. The exact procedure for getting the token differs from one registrar to another, so you need to check with your registrar.

    Tip: Your transfer is likely to go more smoothly if, when asking for your transfer token, you tell your existing registrar the name of your new registrar and the proposed transfer date.

  3. Ask your new registrar to arrange the transfer

    Next, you need to ask the new registrar to arrange for your domain name to be transferred. Your new registrar will need the token that you have obtained from your old registrar.
  4. SIDN confirms the transfer

    Your new registrar will arrange the transfer of your domain name with SIDN. Provided that the transfer request is in order, the domain name is immediately transferred. We will then send confirmation to your administrative contact’s registered e-mail address. Both your old registrar and your new registrar receive confirmations as well.

Contact your registrar.


  • I've asked my registrar for a transfer token, but haven't received it within five days. What should I do?

    • Send a reminder using SIDN's template

      SIDN provides a reminder 'template' - an example of a reminder letter, which you can copy and send to your registrar. You can then be sure that your registrar understands what is needed and that the matter is urgent.
    • Ask your new registrar for help

      • Your new registrar can contact your existing registrar on your behalf. You will need to show the new registrar that you really are the registrant of the domain name in question. That will mean providing a copy of an identity document (and, if you are acting for a business, a Trade Register extract).
      • If your new registrar isn't able to get the token either, the new registrar can contact SIDN. We will then make sure that the token is made available.
  • My registrar has gone out of business. How can I get my transfer token?

    SIDN has a special procedure that can be followed if your old registrar has gone out of business. Your new registrar will be able to tell you about this procedure.

  • My domain name has been transferred without me asking. How can I get the transfer undone?

    After completing a transfer, we send confirmation to the registrant's administrative contact. If you receive a transfer confirmation message when you haven't agreed to a transfer, your best course of action is to contact the new registrar.