Transfer token reminder template

Want to transfer your domain name to another registrar? If your existing registrar doesn't give you the transfer token within five days, we suggest sending a reminder. Edit the text below to create your reminder.

Transfer token reminder template

Dear [name],I want to transfer my domain name(s) to another registrar. I therefore contacted you by e-mail/post/phone on [date] and asked you to let me have the necessary transfer token(s). I haven't yet received the token(s), though. So I'm writing to ask you to let me have the token(s) as soon as possible. The domain name(s) that I need token(s) for is/are:-    [domain name 1]-    [domain name 2]-    etcPlease let me have the token(s) within … days. That will save unnecessary work for SIDN and my new registrar. If you haven't given me the token(s) by <date>, I will ask my new registrar to arrange for the domain name(s) to be transferred with SIDN's help. Hopefully that won't be necessary.If you have any questions, please mail or call. My number is <phone number>.Thanks in anticipation for your help.Kind regards,[your name]


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