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Discover the world of Trove boomeranger Job

The world of Trove boomeranger Job

Job plays Celtic Heroes on his mobile almost every day. On his laptop, Trove is his current favourite. About twice a week, Job becomes a boomeranger and teams up with other gamers to take on the bosses in a dungeon. The more you play, the better you get, and that's what keeps him coming back for more. Job uses his laptop for other things too. There's always schoolwork to do, and sometimes he has to go on line to check out his next homework assignment. He's never been bullied on line or had any other nasty experiences with the net. You can steer clear of most problems by using a bit of common sense, Job reckons. He sometimes buys clothes on line, for example, but only from sites that he knows.

Not all young internet users are as clued up as Job. SIDN therefore supports various initiatives designed to promote ICT skills and tackle the negative aspects of the internet. For example, we partner, a website that provides practical advice about staying safe on line for youngsters and their parents.

Your world. Our domain.

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