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'DBS alerts us to phishing sites faster than any other medium - and speed is vital for an effective response!'

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Domain Name Surveillance Service

The easy way to protect your brand against phishing and reputational damage!

With the Domain Name Surveillance Service, DBS, you get advance warning when a domain name is registered that's like your brand name. So you can take action before an attack even starts.

Key features

  • Rapid alerts about registrations that include your brand name, before they go live

  • Worldwide Coverage including .com, .nl and .webshop

  • Easy monitoring of multiple brand names or search terms

  • E-mail alerts to keep you updated 24x7

  • Automatic profiling of all flagged registrations as phishing, advertising or normal websites

Why use DBS?

DBS is a monitoring service that flags up typosquats and brand name abuse on the internet. Typosquatting is a form of abuse that takes advantage of the fact that people often make slips when typing internet addresses. It can undermine public confidence in your brand and often signals the start of a targeted phishing attack, where crooks use a fake website to trick people into giving sensitive data.

How does DBS work?

DBS alerts you to lookalike .nl domain names before they are even active on the internet. Notifications about registrations under other top-level domains, including .com and .org, are sent within 24 hours. With the web version of the service, you get your own DBS subsite, where you can manage incoming alerts. A workflow manager and profiler tool help you deal with notifications quickly and efficiently. The profiler automatically classifies lookalike registrations as phishing, advertising or normal websites. There's also a simpler version of the service: DBS Feed, where you get alerts by e-mail.


Is DBS for you?

DBS has great potential for anyone with a strong brand: companies, organisations and government bodies. It can also be valuable if you run a webshop or portal that processes valuable (personal) data. Because DBS helps you protect your brand and your on-line reputation.

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Where can you get DBS?

DBS is available from many service providers. Click on a logo to visit that provider's website.

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