Want a great .nl? It's easier than ever to get one!

You decide to set yourself up in business or create a website about your hobby. So you want to get yourself a .nl domain name that fits the bill. And you want to get it before anyone else can. That's now easier than ever to do. At sidn.nl, we've made the route from finding to registering a .nl domain name really simple to follow.

Easily find a domain name and choose a service provider

On the SIDN homepage there's now a prominent look-up for checking whether a .nl domain name is still available. If the name you've thought of hasn't been taken, we'll show you a random selection of eight registrars (hosting service providers) who can register it for you.

Already chosen a registrar that's not one of the eight? No problem. Select from a comprehensive list of registrars offering registration services to the public.  Want a registrar that offers a particular service feature – say DNSSEC or IPv6? Then just click the service icon to filter the list. Select a registrar and we'll direct you to a page on their website where you can apply for your chosen .nl quickly and easily.

Filter options to help you choose a registrar

When choosing a .nl service provider, you can narrow down the choice to the ones that offer the service features you want. It's quick and easy to filter for these services:


    Extra security for your .nl, which stops crooks redirecting internet users to fake sites.

  • IPv6

    Ensures that in the future there will still be enough IP addresses to go round.

  • DBS and .nl Control

    Security enhancements for organisations that want to protect the integrity of their brands or webshops.

Is the name you want already taken? We can help!

There's no shortage of great .nls you could have. All the same, you might find that the first domain name you think of has already been taken by someone else. Don't worry, we'll help you find another. We'll make suggestions out of .nl domain names that have been used in the past, and unregistered names like the one you've just looked up. So that you can get yourself a .nl that fits the bill.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly improving our website on the basis of user surveys and new information. Development never stops. Got a question or an idea for making things even better? Drop us a line to communicatie@sidn.nl.


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