Third SIDN TechTalk coming up on 11 December

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We'll be holding the third SIDN TechTalk at our offices in Arnhem on Wednesday 11 December. The topic will be Abuse. SIDN operates at the heart of the Dutch internet. Often in partnership with universities and other higher education centres. And often participating in national and international working groups concerned with abuse, security and data. We also maintain close ties with a variety of technical and other bodies in the Netherlands. As a result, we have expertise in many key fields, which we love to share with the internet community.

Who's TechTalk for?

Technical, Dutch speaking, professionals and students from the Arnhem region who are passionate about their field, open to new developments and keen to share their knowledge.


18.00 – 19.00: Reception

An evening meal is available for anyone who hasn't had chance to eat.

19.00 – 19.45: Talk 1

How can the Netherlands make sure 5.9 million .nl domain names, three million IPv4 addresses and loads more IPv6 addresses stay clean? - Wido Potters

Excellent internet connectivity, reliable data centres and a skilled workforce make the Netherlands a hosting capital. Unfortunately, cybercriminals take advantage of those strengths by using Dutch server parks for their malicious activities. However, the hosting sector is aware of the problem and increasingly active in tackling abuse. Wido Potters will be explaining how issues are detected, reported and dealt with. Abuse prevention is a huge operation that depends on smart, automated solutions.

About Wido Potters Wido Potters has been at internet service provider BIT since 2006. He's also more widely active within the industry, sitting on the Technical Committee of the Registrars' Association and chairing the trade association ISPConnect. As Project Leader at the AbuseIO Foundation, he develops open-source software for tackling internet abuse.

19.45 – 20.30: Talk 2

Police case study: tracing crooks who sell drugs and prescription meds on line

A criminal gang sees the opportunity to sell drugs and prescription meds on the internet. So they set up 'in business', with offices and storerooms, plus professional accounting and stock-keeping systems. That's no fanciful scenario, but a recent real-life case, which Dennis Wijnberg will be describing. How was the gang tracked down? How was the case investigated and followed up? Dennis will lead an interactive exploration of the technical possibilities. Do you have what it takes to use your expertise for crime-fighting? About Dennis Wijnberg Dennis Wijnberg works for the Dutch police's National Investigation Service, where he specialises in electronic detection. His department focuses on traditional forms of crime with an electronic dimension. Dennis himself is responsible for identifying and following up on electronic opportunities and reporting the findings. He and his colleagues deal with serious organised crime.

20.30 – 21.00: Chat & refreshments

Where is it?

At our offices in Arnhem. Address: Meander 501, 6825 MD Arnhem, The Netherlands

What doest it cost?


Fancy coming along?

  • If you want to attend our TechTalk, you must register for the event on Meetup. We only have space for sixty participants! Use this link to register for the third SIDN TechTalk on 11 December.

  • Join our Meetup group for news of all our upcoming TechTalks.

Registration and cancellation

Hopefully you'll be there as expected. However, we only have room for sixty people, and we want to give as many people as possible the chance to attend. We therefore have a football-style card system for no-shows. If you register, then pull out on the day of the talk or the day before, you get a yellow card. Two yellows make a red, meaning you're provisionally suspended from subsequent SIDN TechTalks.

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