SPIN now ready for production use

Since early 2018, we've made great progress with the refinement of SPIN, the SIDN software designed to make the IoT more secure. The application is now production-ready: a robust solution based on the standards used by home router manufacturers.

EmbeDD partnership

We've held talks with a lot of firms that make routers, modems and other CPE devices. By adopting SPIN, such companies can protect their customers' smart homes against abuse. The talks have led to us teaming up with EmbeDD, a Swiss company that develops software for CPE devices. Partnering with EmbeDD means that SPIN's market introduction can be taken a stage further. EmbeDD will incorporate SPIN into its own open-source router software DD-WRT. SIDN and EmbeDD have also come up with a joint solution that enables SPIN to be integrated with OpenWrt, the segment's leading open-source software. We see this as an ideal arrangement, given that SPIN is also available on an open-source basis. In our view, open-source distribution offers the best prospects for boosting the security of fixed broadband connections worldwide. SPIN is now ready to prove its value on the market.

Next moves are up to the community and market players

As an open-source application, SPIN -- Security and Privacy for In-home Networks -- can easily be adopted by the community for as-is use or adaptation. From now on, SIDN (Labs) will return to using and developing SPIN as a research tool. With SPIN in our toolbox, we'll continue working to boost the security of the internet, including the IoT.

Feel free to get in touch if you've got a question

You can reach us on working days between 8am and 6pm (Dutch time) by calling +31 26 352 5555 or mailing support@sidn.nl.

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