SIDN will not be issuing .bv domain names

The .bv top-level domain will not be marketed in the Netherlands as planned by SIDN (the company behind .nl) and Norid (the Norwegian registry responsible for .no). Norway's government this week decided against giving the dispensation required for the registries' plan to go ahead.

Both Norid and SIDN regret that the decision effectively ends their collaboration. "SIDN runs one of the world's largest top-level domains. They are highly recognized internationally for their professional operations. A collaboration would have given the opportunity for valuable exchange of that knowledge and experience”, commented Norid's General Manager, Hilde Thunem. The idea of a platform for validated business data will now be developed within the .nl domain instead. "Successful implementation of .bv would have had added value for the internet community, both in the Netherlands and in Norway," said Roelof Meijer, SIDN's CEO. "Our intention is to press ahead with the concept devised for .bv, but it will now be marketed under the .nl banner."

Platform for validated business data

As well as being the registry for Norway's country-code domain .no, Norid controls the .bv and .sj domains (for the Norwegian territories Bouvet Island and Svalbard and Jan Mayen). Norid often receives enquiries from Dutch companies wanting to register .bv domain names, because in Dutch the letters 'BV' have a meaning like 'Ltd' or 'Inc' in English. Norid therefore teamed up with SIDN to devise an innovative scheme for making .bv domain names available to Dutch companies. The idea was for the .bv domain to operate as a platform for sharing validated business data. Enterprises and consumers would be able to visit the platform before buying from or doing business with an unfamiliar company.

Considerable demand for a system that lets businesses demonstrate their trustworthiness on line

To confirm that the planned use of .bv would have real added value for Dutch companies, for SIDN and for the wider community, careful market research has been undertaken. The research found that there is considerable demand within the business community for transparency and for a system that lets businesses demonstrate their trustworthiness on line.

Full steam ahead with plans for a validated data platform

It is not only limited companies that are looking for a way to show prospective customers and business partners that they are legitimate enterprises. Therefore, before the Norwegian government made its decision, SIDN had already begun to delink the validated data platform concept from the .bv extension. The motivation being to enable enterprises that are not limited companies ('BVs') to link validated data to their domain names as well. Now that Norway has ruled out the marketing of .bv domain names on the Dutch market, SIDN will focus its energy on developing the broad-spectrum validated data system. The new platform will become the location on the internet for enterprises to profile themselves as reliable business partners.


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