SIDN signs Cybercrime Prevention Covenant

Earlier this month, we signed the Cybercrime Prevention Covenant. The covenant is an agreement worked out between the Dutch finance and justice ministries, various representative bodies and the business community. In it, the signatories commit themselves to a variety of measures aimed at preventing cybercrime. Since the prime movers signed in May, a number of other organisations have put their name to the covenant as well. We're very pleased to be the latest addition to the list.

Safe and convenient digital living for everyone

We attach great importance to fighting cybercrime. After all, our mission is to promote safe and convenient digital living for everyone. Preventive action against cybercrime is very much in line with that mission. And the old adage that prevention is better than cure holds true in the internet era. In May of this year, the covenant signatories launched a joint publicity campaign under the banner 'Check before you click!' A follow-up campaign will run in the autumn.



Marnie van Duijnhoven


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