SIDN provides private cloud for subsidiary Connectis

This is one of the synergy benefits

Since April, we've been providing a private cloud solution for our subsidiary Connectis. Technical infrastructure streamlining is one of the synergy benefits yielded by our acquisition of the secure log-in supplier in 2017.

Utilising SIDN's stable technical infrastructure

As the operator of the .nl domain, we are committed to continuous investment in a robust technical infrastructure. We have hardware installed at various locations, with ample redundancy. Like our organisation as a whole, the infrastructure at all our sites is ISO27001-certified. "Co-locating the Connectis systems is a logical spin-off of the SIDN-Connectis link-up," observes SIDN ICT Manager Cees Toet. "We're able to provide and run a robust technical infrastructure for Connectis, just as we do for our own services. That frees up Connectis to focus on delivering quality applications to its own customers."

What's changing for Connectis's customers?

The new environment is already available. "We'll be migrating our system to SIDN's co-location sites over the next few months," explains Raymond Roelands, IT Director at Connectis. "There'll be very little impact for our customers, but naturally we'll be keeping everyone informed. Migration will enable Connectis to concentrate on the customer systems that run on the virtual platform, safe in the knowledge that the supporting virtualisation platform and network are in the hands of an organisation with solid expertise and an excellent track record in this area."

What is a private cloud?

A private cloud is a system for making location-independent and device-independent services available to an exclusive group of users. As well as yielding security and control benefits, a private cloud has advantages in terms of hardware composition. Another plus is always knowing how much capacity is available. It's also possible to integrate existing hardware into a private cloud.


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