SIDN continues as registry service provider for .amsterdam

New five-year deal agreed with city authority

Amsterdam's municipal authority recently extended its contract for the .amsterdam top-level domain (TLD). Under the contract, SIDN will continue to act as .amsterdam's 'registry service provider'. In other words, we'll go on operating the domain's technical infrastructure, as we have done since .amsterdam's creation. The extension covers the next five years. The city chose to prolong the partnership because of our expertise and experience with .nl, our secure and stable technical infrastructure and the comfortable working relationship we have developed.

SIDN's expertise decisive

Amsterdam's decision-makers were happy to continue using SIDN as their RSP, mainly because we offer both a stable technical infrastructure and support in the form of advice on developments within ICANN and on settling occasional disputes about .amsterdam domain names. We also provide second-line support to .amsterdam registrars and dotAmsterdam b.v., the domain's registry.

Nearly 27,000 .amsterdam domain names

Creation of .amsterdam five years ago was part of a global trend. Cities such as London, New York and many others successfully opened their electronic territory to facilitate internet-mediated economic growth. Businesses and private citizens in the world's great cities, including Amsterdam, are keen to use dedicated extensions for the further development of their venues, shops and services. There are now almost 27,000 registered .amsterdam domain names. That makes .amsterdam the sixth biggest city TLD, after Tokyo, New York, Berlin, London and Cologne.

Domain name extensions for cities and regions

Amsterdam, Berlin, Catalonia and Friesland all have their own domain name extensions, .amsterdam, .berlin, .cat and .frl. Extensions linked to particular cities or regions are known as geoTLDs. When a geoTLD relates to a city, it's sometimes called a city TLD. GeoTLDs have been around for nearly twenty years, but most were created in 2012. That's when the city of Amsterdam applied to register .amsterdam,

New application window expected in 2021

GeoTLDs are assigned by an independent global organisation called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). You can't apply for a geoTLD any time you like. ICANN defines 'windows': periods of a few months, during which applications can be made. ICANN is currently preparing for a new window, probably in 2021.


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