SIDN and RA renew partnership

On Friday 12 May, the RA's Flip Keijzer and Martijn Kamphuis and SIDN's Roelof Meijer signed a new partnership agreement. Under the agreement, the Registrars' Association and SIDN will continue their partnership for a further three years.

Close cooperation


SIDN and the Registrars' Association have been working closely together for several years. Cooperation with the RA's Board and committees has brought numerous benefits, including more frequent zone file updates, the Registrar Scorecard, improved arrangements for making T&Cs available to registrants, and abuse prevention measures. In the early part of this year, with the old partnership agreement nearing its end, SIDN and the RA reviewed their partnership and decided to prolong the relationship.


What is the Registrars' Association?

SIDN's constitution says that there should be an organisation that speaks for registrars and gives SIDN solicited and unsolicited advice. The Registrars' Association (RA) was set up in 2011 to take on that role. As well as being entitled to advise SIDN, the RA can propose one member of SIDN's Supervisory Board. For more information, visit

One of the world's biggest and most secure domains

"Renewal of our agreement underlines the trust that has developed between SIDN and the RA," said SIDN's CEO Roelof Meijer. "Over the last few years, we've worked closely together on a range of important issues. Fortunately, we often agree about the best way forward. But, even when we don't, the RA's input contributes to quality and keeps us on our toes. When all's said and done, we share two fundamental interests: a stable and secure .nl domain and satisfied clients. Together, SIDN and the registrars have succeeded in making .nl one of the biggest and most secure domains in the world. I'm very proud of that!"

Leading sector of the Dutch economy

β€œDe VvR is de plek waar registrars hun krachten verenigen,” aldus Flip Keijzer, voorzitter VvR. β€œWe houden proactief een vinger aan de pols in het "The RA is a vehicle that enables registrars to join forces," continues RA Chair Flip Keijzer. "We proactively monitor developments through our contact with SIDN. Our Board and specialist committees actively cooperate with SIDN to deliver the outstanding .nl domain that our registrars and the registrants deserve. In recent years, the domain name industry has become one of the leading sectors of the Dutch economy. Our unique expertise and drive, combined with a constructive partnership with SIDN, have been key factors in that success story."


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