SIDN analyses

Van een startkapitaal van € 2.000,- naar een omzet van € 200 miljoen

Episode 2 of the Dutch-language video series SIDN Analyseert ('SIDN Analyses') is now out. Each programme takes a closer look at a familiar .nl website. This time it's What makes the service successful? What sets it apart from the competition? And what's Belsimpel's approach to security and access standards, such as IPv6 and DNSSEC?

Success story is a standout example of a successful Dutch internet company. Ten years on from its creation by two students with a starting capital of € 2,000, the website generates an annual turnover of about € 200 million. In SIDN Analyseert, Jeroen Doorenbos explains how that was achieved.

Standards and security

The video focuses on the standards used for the site. What security does Belsimpel have in place? Is the site IPv6-enabled? And what's Belsimpel's policy on SSL? It's all explained in the three instalments of the video available from today at At the same address you'll find background information to support the advice given in the video.


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