Programming lessons already given to 900 primary school kids in Rotterdam

Since May, Connectis, SIDN and TU Delft have been making programming lessons available to all primary schools in Rotterdam. Out of the two-hundred-plus primaries in the city, forty have so far taken up the offer. Students from TU Delft have already delivered sessions for about nine hundred youngsters in years 6 to 8.

Structured thinking: a valuable skill for future careers

By providing the lessons, we aim to show children early how much fun programming can be. Not because we imagine that they'll all grow up to be programmers, but because we think they'll benefit from learning to think in a structured way. The world is changing fast and no one can be sure just what jobs today's youngsters need to be ready for. But you can bet that the computational thinking taught in our lessons will be a valuable skill.

Incorporating programming into the curriculum

Hildegardis School is a one of the Rotterdam primaries taking part in the scheme. The school's pupils love the programming lessons and wish they could have them more than once a week. The staff are positive too and believe that more schools should get involved. First-hand experience could pave the way for incorporating programming into the curriculum.

Teaching at a Rotterdam primary school? Get involved!

If you work at a primary school in Rotterdam and you like the sound of our programming lessons, it's not too late to get involved. Just fill in the registration form (in Ducth only). Any questions? Read our FAQs (in Dutch only) or contact Lieske Yntema at TU Delft by calling +31 625 322 883 or mailing


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