Not one, not two, not three, but four CENTR awards!

Our active contribution to the domain name industry wins praise

On 8 October, the fourth CENTR Awards Ceremony was held in Brussels. CENTR -- the umbrella organisation for domain registries, which celebrated its twentieth 'birthday' this year -- makes the awards every two years. The aim is to recognise people, projects and registries that make a real difference to our industry. SIDN was nominated for multiple award categories. And we're proud to report that we secured no fewer than four CENTR Awards.

CENTR Innovation Award for Security Maturity Model

Along with our partners DENIC,, SWITCH and DNS Belgium, we received the Innovation Award for the CENTR Security Maturity Model. Security is very important for the domain name industry. The model was therefore developed to provide registries with a clear picture of their security status, relative to a range of defined benchmarks. A registry completes a self-assessment scorecard, yielding an evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses as a springboard to further improvement.


SIDN's CEO Roelof Meijer receives the 2019 CENTR Member Award from CENTR Board member Jörg Schweiger.

2019 CENTR Member Award

Our second accolade was the 2019 CENTR Member Award in recognition of all our input and contributions to CENTR over the last two years. For example, we chair or vice-chair several working groups, we have representatives on the Board and taskforces, we consistently respond to surveys and mailings, we host meetings and we organise the CENTR Jamboree. "CENTR is fortunate enough to have a very active membership. But SIDN has distinguished itself over the last two years as a registry willing to make a huge contribution," said CENTR. It's very satisfying to know that our work for the CENTR community is so appreciated.

Working Group Champion

Working Group Champion awards are made to people who, over the last two years, have played exceptional roles in the CENTR community. Our Marketing Manager Michiel Henneke was one of this year's recipients, in recognition of all he does for the Marketing Working group. Maarten Simon, our Legal and Policy Advisor, took home an award as well, for his unflagging commitment to the Legal Working Group.


The organisation behind the awards is CENTR, an association of predominantly European country-code domains (ccTLDs). This year was the fourth edition of the award ceremony. The scheme was set up to encourage registries to aspire to high quality standards and to develop the best possible applications. As well as providing a discussion platform for ccTLD registries, CENTR acts as a medium for communication with the organisations involved in development of the internet, including ICANN.

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